Douro Tandem Talks 2020


The Douro Primeira Prova (Douro’s First Tasting) is an exclusive tasting event for wine professionals. We will be showcasing 23 of the leading wineries of the Douro Valley and their most recent vintages, such as the 2019 white, rosé & sparkling wines and 2018 red wines and 2018 Vintage Ports. In total, 167 wines can be tasted and scored in the form of a ‘silent tasting’. 50 tasting seats are going to be available on 3 days, in a total of 6 tasting slots. The event will take place at the Museu do Douro in Peso da Régua (approx 100km east of Porto) from Monday June 1st to Wednesday June 3rd 2020.

167 wines in 3 days

1st – 3rd June 2020
The leading producers of the Portuguese Douro Valley have been working together for more than ten years as ‘The New Douro’, organizing together events worldwide. From 2019 on, they will even increase their cooperation and host together an annual release tasting for wine professionals from all four corners of the world in the Douro Valley / Régua. This event is called Douro Primeira Prova (Douro’s First Tasting) and will include the new releases, which can be tasted and scored in the form of a ‘silent tasting’.



The Douro Primeira Prova will be conducted as a set tasting. You will be able to choose the order in which you taste the wines, and may do so at your own pace. The wine list will be provided to you beforehand, should you wish to prepare in advance. You will also have Wi-Fi access at your disposal in the tasting venue, should you wish to work online. The wines will be personally served by the growers. Tasting seats will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

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