PRATS & SYMINGTON was founded in 1999 as a joint venture between Bordeaux winemaker, Bruno Prats and the Symington family. It is an independent company specialising in dry red wines which has been at the forefront of the qualitative Douro DOC revolution and instrumen-tal in driving the high quality image of the region forward.

Prats & Symington is the owner of two prime Douro estates, QUINTA DE RORIZ and QUINTA DA PERDIZ. Both Quintas lie near the town of Sao João da Pesqueira; Roriz sitting in a natural amphitheatre on the banks of the Douro, whilst Perdiz lies on a steep gradient on the other si-de of the same mountain in the Rio Torto Valley, which runs north-west into the main Douro Valley near Pinhão.

The different microclimates of the two valleys produce very different results, as do the varying soils. Roriz has traces of tin mixed into the schistous soil from the old mine workings at the hi-ghest point of the estate, and this gives an evident minerality to the wines. Its north-facing as-pect, alongside the Douro, offers the benefits of cooler nights during the ripening season, which translates into pronounced aromatic qualities in its wines. Perdiz produces ripe, softer, velvety wines, which result from the warmer climate of the Torto Valley, a narrower, deeper cut valley which retains and concentrates more heat.

Both estates have a high proportion of the Touriga Nacional and Touriga Franca varietals: 52% and 27% respectively for Quinta de Roriz, and 37% and 49 % respectively for Quinta da Perdiz.

These are considered by Prats & Symington to be the varietals best suited to making outstan-ding Douro DOC. However a small proportion of other varieties such as Tinta Roriz, Tinta Barro-ca and Tinto Cão, grown on the estates, are occasionally incorporated into the blends of the wines (particularly in the Post Scriptum and the Prazo de Roriz).

Since acquiring Roriz in the spring of 2009, Prats & Symington has moved the vinification of CHRYSEIA and POST SCRIPTUM to join PRAZO DE RORIZ in the modern, dedicated (DOC) winery on the property. After 8 to 15 months in barrel the wines are classified by quality and a primary selection made by Bruno Prats and Charles Symington for CHRYSEIA. A second selection is made for POST SCRIPTUM (with a larger component of Perdiz fruit), and for PRAZO DE RORIZ. A small quantity of QUINTA DE RORIZ VINTAGE PORT is made from Roriz estate fruit only in exceptional years and when conditions allow.