Over the past decade, Quinta do Vallado decided to increase its area of own vineyards, having chosen the Upper Douro as the most favourable location to do so. Quinta do Orgal, located in Castelo Melhor - Vila Nova de Foz Côa, was acquired, where in 2009 the first vineyards started to be planted. The beauty of this place, its remarkable state of conservation, allied to the strength of the environment, its absolute solitude and silence, have a boundless impact on those who go there. It would be a waste not to share this unique experience with others. For this reason, Quinta do Vallado decided to create an extension to our Wine Hotel at Quinta do Orgal - having built Casa do Rio in this new property. With only 6 suites, it is a unique hotel, strategically located between the vineyards and the river, with an outstanding view over the Douro River. The construction materials had to be environmentally friendly, and so we opted towards a building solely made of wood - and "suspended" - placed just above the water line, where an ancient orange orchard still exists. The project was made by the same architect responsible for Quinta do Vallado's Wine Hotel and Winery - Francisco Vieira de Campos. Guests will enjoy a unique experience, relishing our remarkable accommodations whilst surrounded by nature. Additionally, meals are available as well as wine tastings and all sorts of land and river activities.