The Esporão project began in the Alentejo from an irrepressible desire to make the finest wines. This is the basis of everything they do. Everywhere, nature inspires them. Thus they respect the rhythms of the land, seek to understand the roots of the culture and the communities they belong to, and protect their common heritage. Esporão has always pursued a global vision that articulately expresses their essential nature – one of the reasons why they established a wine estate in the Douro region, at Quinta dos Murças. Located in the centre of the Douro DOC region, Quinta dos Murças benefits from a terroir heavily influenced by the mountains, altitude, schist soils and a climate that is typical of the river Douro valley. In the vineyards, dozens of native grapes have been planted, following organic and integrated production methods. Olive, orange and almond groves – as well as the Mediterranean forest – help to maintain a balanced ecosystem.