Douro Exclusive


DE (Douro Exclusive) was founded in 2012 as part of a new leading project of Wine Tourism Experiences in the Douro Valley. Connecting this unique World Heritage Site with the most outstanding quality service, DE's goal is always to go beyond a wine tasting moment by sharing our passion and deep knowledge from our beautiful and unique Wine Country.We are true locals from the Wine Valley (born and raised) and we live here at the Douro Wine Region! For us, it's a truly honor to host our guests and help them to understand the enormous legacy that lies behind the beauty of the Douro Valley, to share all about the ancient process and delicate craft of making Port Wine, as well as to help you understand the complexity of our beautiful DOC Douro Reds and the secrets of our surprising DOC Douro Whites! Every day we do our very best to provide the most memorable Experiences at the Douro Wine Valley. As part as our Wine Experiences we also include a gastronomic  lunch moment at the DOC Restaurant by Chef Rui Paula, the best Douro Wine partners and the most incredible unbeaten tracks to deliver our guest the most insight and amazing views of the Douro Wine Valley!