Niepoort has operated as an independent family business since 1842. Through five generations the company has passed successfully from one generation to the next; most often, older and younger generations have worked side by side for extended periods. Their Port cellars are a magical place in the heart of historic Vila Nova de Gaia, where the wines carefully mature in old casks, bottles or demijohns. More than 150 years of experience and dedication pass here across generations. Quinta de Nápoles, located on the left bank of the River Tedo, was purchased in 1987, a first step in the creation of Niepoort’s inspired range of unfortified wines. The quinta includes nearly 30 hectares of vineyards at an altitude of 140–260 metres, ranging from 25 to over 80 years old. Reds, whites and rosés are produced in the beautiful and modern winery built in 2007. The motto of the company articulates its respect for different terroirs and a curiosity in the search for new wines.