The quinta is situated in Provesende, stretching along a hillside in the Vale do Pinhão, on the right bank of the eponymous river. It consists of nine hectares of vineyard, two hectares of olive groves and three hectares of woodland. The vineyard has a northerly exposure, which constitutes a fundamental factor in determining the estate’s style of table wine. Temperatures in the region are always extremely high in summer, and on a north-facing slope the grapes can ripen more gradually, which preserves the aromas, avours and acidity better. The dilapidated building beside the old orange tree has been restored and now serves as both house and winery, set in a breathtaking, intense landscape amidst the vines. The winery is minimalist, with four traditional stone lagares (temperature controlled) and an old vertical press. It also has a climate-controlled cask-ageing cellar with thick schist walls. It is a winery designed for developing wines very slowly and with great care, equipped with everything necessary to be able to achieve the full expression of its terroir.