Quinta de la Rosa


Quinta de la Rosa, a beautiful property located on the River Douro near Pinhão, was given to Claire Bergqvist as a christening present in 1906. The family have been involved in the port trade since 1815 as shippers under the family name, Feuerheerd. Claire’s father, Albert, sold the port company in the 1930s and from then until 1988 Claire and then her son, Tim, sold the La Rosa grapes to Sandeman. In 1988 Tim and his daughter, Sophia, decided to restart the family business and launched Quinta de la Rosa as a top quality port and wine producer onto the market place. It currently has 55 hectares under vine and produces around 90,000 litres of port and over 200,000 litres of table wine each year. Since 2002, Jorge Moreira, one of the finest winemakers in Portugal, has been making the wines and ports at La Rosa.