Quinta do Crasto + Roquette&Cazes


Dating back to 1615, Quinta do Crasto is one of the most spectacularly situated properties in the Douro, and among the first to break out on its own. Owned and run by the Roquette family, Crasto has quickly established a worldwide reputation for the quality of both its Port and its red wines. Located in the heart of the Cima Corgo, the estate covers 135 hectares of predominantly south-facing slopes extending from the banks of the river up to an altitude of nearly 600 metres. Consistent with the family’s ongoing commitment to quality and to the future, land was bought and planted in the Upper Douro, as a result Quinta da Cabreira has now 150 hectares, 114 of which planted with new vines, an important complement to Quinta do Crasto ́s wine production.

The Roquette & Cazes project is above all a meeting of two friends: Jorge Roquette from Quinta do Crasto and Jean-Michel Cazes from Château Lynch-Bages, it is a story told to two voices. The passion they shared for the land and the wine joined them, at the turn of the millennium, to produce a wine that combined the complexity of the Douro with the elegance of Bordeaux. In 2002, the two families decided to create a company to produce great wines that were marked by the natural characteristics of the Douro and by the experience of the Cazes who make wines in Bordeaux about a century ago.

The result is the creation of two wines, made from Douro terroir excellence grapes: Xisto and Roquette & Cazes.