The story of Caves Transmontanas and Vértice began in 1988 with the collaboration between Jack Davies from Schramsberg Vineyards and the Portuguese winemakers João Carvalho Maia and Celso Pereira. They researched areas of Portugal where it would be the most suitable for the creation and development of quality sparkling wines from traditional Portuguese grape varieties. For more than three years they repeated several technical procedures until they found the ideal zone for the production of sparkling wine: Cimo Corgo in the Douro, at an altitude of 550 meters (almost 2000 feet) above sea level. Caves Transmontanas prides itself on the production of premium sparkling wines. The winery had the ambitious goal of producing superior sparkling wine in the Douro region, using the classical champagne method. Located outside the small town of Alijó, Vértice produces around 100,000 bottles of sparkling wines and table wines annually.